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Healthier SG with Ripples

Embrace the thrilling journey of lifelong health! Our dedicated family physician is ready to be your reliable co-pilot, offering top-tier, budget-friendly healthcare every step of the way. Embark on this adventure with us — your wellness is our priority.

Join us in the Healthier SG initiative, a nationwide endeavor led by the Ministry of Health (MOH) that champions affordable and accessible preventive care, empowering every Singaporean to embrace a life of optimal health and longevity.

We're proud to announce that our clinic is an officially registered Healthier SG clinic. Why wait? Kickstart your journey towards a Healthier SG with us today!

Who is eligible
What does Healthier SG cover?

You can sign up for Healthier SG if you’re a Singapore citizen or permanent resident.

Signing up for the Healthier SG programme means you get a bunch of cool health benefits at our clinic. These include cheaper health check-ups, vaccines, and other treatments.

Here's what you can expect from Healthier SG:

  • Your first check-up at the clinic is totally free.

  • You get nationally-recommended health check-ups and vaccines for free too.

  • After your first check-up, you earn 3,000 Healthpoints (that's like $20) through the Healthy 365 app. You can use these points to get shopping and grocery vouchers.

If you or your family have a CHAS card, there's more good news. Starting from early 2024:

  • You can choose the Healthier SG level to get even more money off for certain long-term medicines, just like at polyclinics.

  • You can use your MediSave to pay for all your treatment costs, so you won't need to use cash.

If you have any questions or need help with your Healthier SG registration, don't hesitate to 

contact our clinic directly at +65 65383707

Why Punggol Ripples Family Clinic

Book same-day appointments with your family doctor at our clinic, or through a TeleConsult call, whichever suits you best.

Download our app, Manadr, your one-stop digital tool to effortlessly manage your medical records, bills, and appointments.

Experience personalized health care at prices that won't break the bank, including management of chronic illnesses. 

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